About us

Who We Are

We are a group of Kofax experts and contractors who have great passion on designing, developing and implementing the Kofax solution for Document Capture Industries and Business Process Management (BPM). We are operating from India.

We are Kofax Certified Capture Consultants and having 10+ years of experience in the Kofax product suite with plenty of learnings by working for world leaders in record management, finance, insurance, consulting and so on.

We are well-versed in the Kofax products, especially Kofax TotalAgility, Kofax Transformation Modules, Kofax Capture and Kofax Analytics.

Kofax certified Capture Consultant, Contractors, Experts

Seeking Kofax product suite experts?
Need extra hands on your development?
Looking for 24/7 professional service?
Want to migrate your kofax system?
Want to migrate KC process to KTA?
Looking for capture and BPM consulting?
Want to implement the SPA solutions?
Want to build Kofax high availability environment?

What we solve

We will reduce your complexities on,

Digitizing the documents

Capturing documents from various channels like email, fax, scan, .. etc

Reduce your manual efforts on paper driven process

Reducing data entry cost

Integrating capture process with the ERP

Business process management

Simplifying approval systems

Automating your wofkflow process

Time and cost of your business process

What we do


Our working experience with world class leaders help us to analyze your business process deeply and understand the requirements. We break-down the complex things into smaller pieces and provide how the solution will be for your business process.

We follow all the key techniques like use cases, prototyping and more to have the better understanding of the requirement and provide the cost effective solution in the timely manner.


We do effective high level and low level design with the prototypes which make us go into right path. This totally reduces the cost and time involved on requirement changes after the development. We had lots of experience with changing requirements once the design is completed, which leads to increase the project budgeting.

So, we have extra care on this from beginning itself. By seeing our design document, customers can have 100% idea of the solution.


Over the 10 years, we are fully into coding, this makes to develop the robust solution in the timely manner which eventually reduces your cost on the project. We have extra focus to develop the generic and reusable components which obviously reducing new development cost also it's time effective.

We have no. of reusable components. So, If it's fit to the customers new requirements, we can use the same and it will save the time for sure.

Implementation & Support

We have done lots of Kofax implementations in various environments, this leads us to comfortably handle the implementation on any environments in the timely manner. Also, we are expert in setting up the Kofax high availability environment. In our experience, Implementation time will be affected by the environmental and access issues.

So, we always update our learning book on any issues. So this keeps us to complete the implementation soon. Also, we will take care of the support at any time and respond to the user queries and fix it in the given SLA.