Kofax AP Automation
Account Payable

We have worked majorly on Invoice Automation projects and delivered the Invoice solutions for various customers Our invoice solution focuses on generic solution which handles any format of Invoice, supports different languages, country based calculations and so on and achieved by making use of the Kofax product suite. This covers all the complex workflows involved in the Invoice process.

Kofax Mortgage Automation

Mortgage document automation is another key business process improvement in financial institutions. The Major challenge of capturing the mortgage document is lot of document types and complex metadata extraction. Our experience on this domain help us to handle all the complexities and provide the robust mortgage solutions.

kofax Healthcare
Health Care

The health care domain has a great scope of Paper Driven Process. Effective health care solution can be built through Kofax to capture all the patient documents like health reports, treatment details and so on. And those details can be availed to view or process at any point of time. Also, Kofax TotalAgility help us to reduce the paper's involvement by automating the process right from patient entry.

Kofax Document Capture

In educational industries, OMR scoring sheet is key for validating the scores in the fastest manner. Our best experience on this domain solutions enable us to effectively capturing the OMR sheet and validating the score and providing the result through the Kofax capture platform.

Kofax Business Process Management
Survey Sheet

Surveying is involved in almost all the industries. Like OMR Sheet validation, Kofax enables us to build the reliable application to accurately capture the survey result in any type of complex form. We have great experience on the survey form capture.